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Rome Reports

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Soccer stars get ready for inter-religious match in Rome

At a time when wars and conflicts seem to be multiplying across the globe, the question many ask, is what can I do to help? The Vatican is promoting an inter-religious soccer match in Rome, precisely to promote peace within younger generations. It will include a list of international soccer stars who will play in honor of the Pope and his call for peace.  The game is being promoted by the Pupi Foundation and Scholas. The first helps underprivileged children. The second is a network of schools that share knowledge and resources.  JAVIER ZANETTI Soccer Player  "It's an honor and a source of pride to take part in this program. It's great that so many of my friends and colleagues are willing to take part in the September 1st match. It can be a starting point, a way to start the conversation across the world.â?   The soccer stars include Zanetti and other Argentinians like Cristian Ledesma and Juan Manuel Iturbe. The list goes on. Lionel Messi, Gianluiggi Buffon, Zidane and Samuel Eto'o will join in the match for this good cause.  JAVIER ZANETTI Soccer Player  "When it comes down to it, the soccer game will not be the most important thing. Rather what should stand out is the message of peace the Pope is promoting.â?  JUAN MANUEL ITURBE  Soccer Player "It's such an honor to take part in this game for peace. It's a beautiful message that can be directly communicated through sports.â?  CRISTIAN LEDESMA  Soccer Player "Soccer itself is the right tool to promote this type of message.â?  The game will take place on September 1st in Rome's Olympic Stadium. Proceeds will benefit the Scholas project and the Pupi Foundation. The goal is to have sports trigger a cultural and religious encounter, where new generations will learn that respect is key.  AC/KLH  MG FA -PR Up:KLH