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Pope meets with Former Israeli President, Shimon Peres, in the Vatican

Israel's former president, Shimon Peres met with Pope Francis in the Vatican. ; In light of the recent wave of violence between Israel and Palestine, they talked about the ceasefire both sides agreed to and the bloodshed the conflict triggered. ; The presidential term of Peres ended on July 24, 2014. ;Now, he's focusing his efforts on a new initiative: It's based on forming a type of United Nations for religions. ; The former president explained that generations ago, wars were triggered by a sense of nationalism. ;But now, in contrast, many of the conflicts taking place throughout the world are misusing religion as a tool for power. ; For about 45 minutes, Peres talked about the proposal and ways in which it could be carried out. The last time 91 year old Peres visited the Vatican was back in June, when he along with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, held a prayer gathering in the Vatican Gardens with Pope Francis. ; KLH ; CTV VM -BN Up: KLH ;