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Is it a fish or a duck? The world according to Dutch artist M.C. Escher

Can a fish turn out to be...a duck? It may seem impossible to give it wings and make it fly... But then "impossibleâ? is the only appropriate word to describe the work of Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. For the first time, an exhibit In Rome displays 150 works of this complex graphic artist. MARCO BUSSAGLI Curator, "Escherâ? "Escher was a person who combined extremely  different fields, like crystallography, geometry, maths and music. They all interested him. He was able to combine them all in his artwork thanks to a unique manual skill.â? He was born in 1898 in the Netherlands. More than an artist, he is defined as an intellectual, even though he never went to college. When asked, he summed up his art saying "My work is a game...a very serious game.â? A game he started playing when he moved to Italy in 1922. MARCO BUSSAGLI Curator, "Escherâ? "Escher was a shy person, who opened up when he came to Italy. For him, Italy was a blessed land, as he wrote in his diary. He was fascinated by the sun, the sea, the flowers... He also met his wife there as well.â? Thanks to a very precise technique, Escher gave a detailed account of contradictions that challenge the way most people see the world. In his painting "Relativity,â? for example, each visitor will have to decide who is going up...and who is walking down this maze of stairs. The exhibition will be opened until February 2015. It also displays panels where visitors can learn the visual tricks Escher followed to create his puzzling works.  Those who succeed may understand the vision of an artist who saw everyday things under a different light. PM MG FA -PR Up: MPI #Art