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Married couples speak on participating in the Synod

Thirteen married couples will speak on their experiences during the Synod. They come from various countries such as Australia, Italy, Chile, Rwanda, the Philippines and Brazil. Among the themes that the couples will discuss are the day to day struggles of a family, educating children and relationships.  Ron and Mavis have already shared the experience of their 55 year marriage.  MAVIS & ROMANO PIROLA "Most couples cohabitate before marriage and there's a whole difficult pastoral questions around the divorced and remarried. These are issues that hopefully will be discussed at the Synod.â? To prevent broken marriages, one of the ingredients is a good preparation during the time of courtship. It is one of the issues that will be addressed during the Synod thanks to these experts.  LUCIA & PEPPINO PETRARCA "It's about showing youth the value of the body and sexuality to help them understand that "foreverâ? is not impossible. That the indissolubility of marriage isn't unreachable.â? But the Synod will not only face the darker challenges that threaten the family.  At the forefront of their discussions, they will also reflect on the joys of family life and sharing one's life. LUIS & PILAR JENSEN "It's been a beautiful experience, we feel that we have experienced the "hundredfoldâ? that the Gospel speaks about. To take a chance for what God wants has been, in the end, a great gift.â? Each day, the Synod will begin with a testimony from a married couple. In this way, the final working document will be formed by the daily realities faced by families.  AC/JAE RR FA -PR Up:KLH