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Rome Reports

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Day 5 of the Synod

On the fifth day of the Synod, several more married couples and experts, almost all lay people, addressed the bishops.  Couples who have spent most of their lives together, like Pilar and Luis Jensen, shared their experience and made a special request to the Pope.  PILAR AND LUIS JENSEN "Our youngest daughter is getting married next month. We ended our testimony by asking the Pope for his blessing because she sent him an invitation to her wedding.â? They also discussed how the Church needs to be present in the lives of couples and communicate its message effectively.  PILAR AND LUIS JENSEN "Many don't know what the Church offers. Many don't try to get married or dream of having a family even if they want it.Many of the youth that we meet in the university, the Schoenstatt youth as well as couples come from broken homes. And that brings us to a second theme, that they have based their security and value much more on "havingâ? rather than "beingâ?." The 2 week Synod continues to look for ways to apply the Doctrine of the Church in the life challenges that families face today.  CARD. FRANCISCO ROBLES ORTEGA Archbishop of Guadalajara (México) "There is an important consensus shared by everyone that the family, based on the marriage between one man and one women, has a true value, a true treasure.â? BISHOP RICARDO BLíZQUEZ President, Spanish Episcopal Conference "We are sensitive to the many difficulties faced by families. They are deep, real and with much suffering. The Synod is looking into the approach of Christian truth along with the love and affection for people. On this fifth day, the Synod sent a message of support and closeness to the Iraqi and Syrian people who are suffering persecution and violence.  AC/JAE RR JM -PR Up: PM