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Rome Reports

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Visiting the Pope in caravans for a good cause

It may look like a normal caravan...But it's not your everyday camping trip! Ever thought about sleeping in St. Peter's Square? Well these 200 people were able to during Wednesday's General Audience. FRANCO ZOCCA President, Arance di Natale  "It's an association of campers that has existed for 20 years. In fact, we're here to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the association. We've used campers not only for tourism but also to help those most in need. We help orphans, schools, and hospitals around the world, in many countries.â? They're part of an association called "Arance di Nataleâ? or "Christmas Orangesâ? and they have a peculiar way of helping. They sell jellies and oranges while donating the money to charity. FRANCO ZOCCA President, Arance di Natale  "Our association was born by chance. While we were on a trip, a Sicilian man gave us 40 kilos of oranges. In my town we have a market every Sunday. We decided to sell the oranges there. With the money we collected, we began to help the needy.â? Each one of the volunteers have their personal reasons for joining but they all have one common goal: to help those most in need.  "I think it's important to donate what we have to others as soon as possible. We try to do it in Italy and in other countries around the world.â? Our association has solidarity as its goal. When we go to other countries we see very, very poor situations and our hearts are with them. We bring what they need in our campers and make sure they get it.â? Most of their assistance is centered on school and learning materials for children. And all this started with something as simple as an orange.  MPI/JAE MG FB -PR Up: MPI