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Holy See's Permanent Observer to the UN: Let's take action, let's help immigrants

There are an estimated 232 million migrants around the globe. As they leave their native land, some die along the journey, others survive, but once they get to their destination, all they find are closed doors.  MSGR. SILVANO TOMASI Permanent Observer to the UN (Geneva) "The world, the international community has to take some responsibility. The United Nations is trying to develop some mechanism that will facility for people to migrate in a peaceful way without risking their lives.â? That's precisely why the Vatican hosted a conference to reflect on this issue. For three days more than 300 people from 93 countries shared their experiences on providing physical and spiritual care for migrants. MSGR. NICHOLAS DIMARZIO Bishop of Brooklyn (USA) "The theme is family and migration. To see how we can help the family, migrant families, especially, to insert themselves into the countries of destination.â? MSGR. PATRICK CHRISTOPHER PINDER Bishop of Nassau (Bahamas) "What are the benefits what are the fruits, the mutual benefits of migration both for those who left their country of origin and go on to a country of destination.â?  In the meeting, the group highlighted that a change in attitude is needed, especially when it comes to governments.  MSGR. NICHOLAS DIMARZIO  Bishop of Brooklyn (USA) "They are people first, we can't forget they are people. They are not intruders, they are not invaders, they are people who come for a better life.â? MSGR. SILVANO TOMASI Permanent Observer to the UN (Geneva) "If we think that one person in seven is a migrant, either an internal migrant or in a international migrant, we can see that is an issue that touches practically most families in the world.â? The Vatican's permanent observer to the UN in Geneva is planning on speaking at the next meeting of the board of the United Nations for Migration. From there he will launch an appeal to the international community to act more decisively and help people who migrate. JRB/KLH  AA / RR JM -PR Up: MPI #Vatican