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Rome Reports

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From the Brazil to the Holy Land and finally to the Vatican

They made their way to Rome with plenty of music and plenty of rhythm. This Brazilian group made it a point to travel across the globe to see Pope Francis during his weekly general audience. It was a pilgrimage that started off in the Holy Land.  ODILí?N RODRíGUEZ  Parish of Our Lady of Amparo (Rio de Janeiro) "We went to Jerusalem, to Nazareth, then we when to Bethlehem and all over Israel. Finally we decided to come to Rome to see Pope Francis in the heart of St. Peter's.â?  They wore white hats and shirts with the word "Shalomâ? or peace. It's a message that they want to highlight, especially after their visit to the Holy Land.  They decided to send that message with a little rhythm and by singing a song for Pope Francis.  ODILí?N RODRíGUEZ  Parish of Our Lady of Amparo (Rio de Janeiro) "Coming to a weekly general audience, gives us the opportunity to live the Universal presence of the Catholic Church. You see people from all over the world. When it comes down to it, there is one Church and the Body of Christ is here.â?  So after traveling from one country to another, they say they're ready to head back to Rio. They cherry on top, they say, was getting to see Pope Francis in the heart of the Church.  MPI/KLH  MG SV -BN Up: AC