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All of Pope's interviews and press conferences, published together in new book

Just days after being elected Pontiff, Pope Francis invited all the media outlets who had been covering the Conclave, to the Vatican.  "Thank you very much to you and your colleagues, for all your hard work. Thank  you very much.â? Just two years into his pontificate, he has granted more interviews than any other Pope.  A book titled 'Interviews and Conversations with Journalists' includes the Pope's first 14 interviews. Perhaps the most popular one was the first one. It was an interview with Fr. Antonio Spadaro from La Civilta Cattolica.  FR. ANTONIO SPADARO Director, "La Civiltí  Cattolicaâ? December 2013 "The Pope is calm, but he's also like a volcano. When Pope Francis speaks, he doesn't follow a linear conversation, instead it goes up and down.â? Since that very interview,  all journalists dream of having a ground-breaking interview or that major soundbite that will leave a mark.  Veteran Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli has met the Pope several times. It may be a bit different to see him in person, but his message, he says, always stays the same.  ANDREA TORNIELLI Vatican Journalist "He has a very special way of addressing the problems of the Church and the world. He's deeply Evangelical: you can see in all his answers.â? Along with the interviews, the book also publishes all press conferences given by Pope Francis during his international trips. JRB/PM/KLH  E_/RR -SV -PR Up: GRT #Vaticano