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Pope to Lithuanian bishops: Defend the family from destabilizing ideologies

The Pope met with the bishops of Lithuania on their "ad liminaâ? visit to the Vatican. Many of them had been persecuted during the Soviet occupation. In a text given to the bishops, the Pope reminded them that dignity and freedom were threatened during the Soviet era. He asked them to fight against secularism and relativism today. He also reminded them that they must be especially careful, because Lithuania is now part of the Eurozone and is exposed to ideologies that weaken the family. Finally, he said that even though Lithuania has experienced significant economic growth, they must not forget those most in need. Before leaving, many bishops expressed their affection to the Pope and joked with him. "Thank you Holy Father for your incredible example and inspiration". "Pray for me." One bishop made Pope Francis smile after he told him that he had worked in the Curia for 14 years.  "But we're not all bad." AC/ATO CTV VM -BN Up:JRB #Pope