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Rome Reports

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Medieval champions group flies its flags for Pope Francis

They came with choreographed flags, dressed in  colorful costumes and holding trumpets. It's not the first time a group like that came to St. Peter's Square to see the Pope. The group visited from the Italian city of Cori. They came to the Pope's general audience on Wednesday to celebrate a very special occasion. LUIGI ROSSINI Cori Champions "This year we are celebrating our 45th anniversary. Our group is dedicated to international folklore born in the Renaissance." It is an old tradition in many parts of Italy. The acrobatic tricks with flags represent the messages soldiers sent in the battlefield. The sound of trumpets and drums started battles. LUIGI ROSSINI Cori Champions "The flags, drums, trumpets are meant to provide rhythm for the flag waving." The group's members love popular folklore and travel throughout Italy, filling the streets with color. LUIGI ROSSINI Cori Champions "They do this because of opportunites like this. They show can show their personalities in a more or less important place. People from throughout the world can see.â? Indeed, the group showed thousands of pilgrims in St. Peter's Square a vibrant Italian tradition filled with music and color. MPI/ATO AA VM -PR Up: AC