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Cardinal of Burkina Faso: Here they confuse Charlie Hebdo with the Catholic Church

Terrorists killed 12 people in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo attacks. However, the consequences extended far beyond France. The magazine issue after the terrorist attack featured the Prophet Mohammad on its cover. It triggered strong protests in Niger. The result: dozens of churches burned to the ground and at least 10 people killed. CARD. PHILIPPE N. OUÉDRAOGO Archbishop of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) "We are of the same episcopal conference; Burkina Faso and Niger.They have destroyed more than 45 churches, Catholic and Protestant. This has disrupted the lives of the Christian minority." The Cardinal says it is important to understand the cause of the violent reaction. In this part of Africa, there is no middle ground. CARD. PHILIPPE N. OUÉDRAOGO Archbishop of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) "There is some confusion. Some think that because the Catholic Church comes from the West, that Charlie Hebdo comes from the Catholic Church. I think this explains why so many churches have been destroyed." In Niger, 80 percent of the population is Muslim. Sixty percent is in Burkina Faso. Christians make up about 20 percent of each country. Both countries lack proper education, and cases like Charlie Hebdo can strain relations between Christians and Muslims. JRB/ATO AA / MG VM -PR Up: GRT ;#Mundo