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Could you feed a family with three Euros?

Could you feed four people with just three Euros? The Catholic charity Caritas of Milan has launched an online cooking contest that asks people to do just that. The rules are simple: The recipe must satisfy four people, and participants can only spend three Euros on ingredients. These people had some ideas for what they could cook with a limited budget. "It would probably have to be something cheap, like rice and beans.â? "I would make what dinner I'd have for food. Maybe spaghetti and meatballs. I'm an Italian so it'd be Italian.â? The entire contest will be conducted online. Thrifty chefs have until April 15th to post their recipe to Facebook. They must list the cost and weight of the ingredients and use the hashtag "cucina3euro;â? which means cook with three euros.   One man thought he could make a tasty meal but only if he converted the Euros to another currency. "Converted to my currency that could actually make a pretty decent meal. You could probably buy quite a bit from the supermarket and cook for about six people.â? The culinarily impaired can still vote for their favorite recipe on the contest's official Facebook page.  The best recipes will be published in the magazine Scarp de' tenis and their creators will receive an award. ATO AA SV -PR up: GRT