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iCofrade, the app with a complete guide to Holy Week processions in Spain

Tradition and devotion come together during Holy Week in Spain. And some of the best examples of that unity are Holy Week processions.  iCofrade is a smartphone application that collects the major events of Holy Week in cities like Seville, Zamora or Granada. It is the first app with a comprehensive guide to Holy Week processions in Spain. Whether or not one is in country, it's still interesting to view the diversity of celebration for the Passion in Spain. It also includes the history and most important events of Holy Week. There are articles about the experiences of different "cofradí­as.â? Thousands of families belong to cofradí­as, which are associations that feel special devotion to the Virgin, a saint or Christ. Cofradí­a performances have long been part of the Holy Week processions. The application is only available in Spanish and can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. MPI/ATO iCofrade SV -PR Up: MPI