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Pope Francis: Without mercy, there is no justice

Pope Francis highlighted the nature of justice and mercy during his Monday homily at Casa Santa Marta. The day's readings were about two women, one innocent and one a sinner, who encounter the same problem: Unjust judges who seek personal interest over truth.  POPE FRANCIS "Even today, the people of God, when they find these judges, they suffer judgment without mercy. It can be civil or ecclesiastical. And where there is no mercy, there is no justice.â? People can be corrupted in different ways, he explained. Some are dominated by their vices, others by selfish ambition. Some pursue their own well-being over justice. In all cases, he added, the result is the same, injustice rises because corruption is incompatible with mercy. EXCERPTS FROM THE POPE'S HOMILY (Source: Vatican Radio) "They were not saints, they were corrupt. Because this kind of rigidity leads one live a double life: on the one hand they were condemning these women, and on the other they were seeking them out for a bit of fun. The description used by Jesus for them is hypocrites: they had double standards.â?  "Corruption did not allow them to understand what mercy is, that one must be merciful. The Bible tells us that justice is to be found in mercy. The three women: the saint, the sinner and the needy, allegorical figures that represent the Church, suffer for lack of mercy. And Godâ??s people today can find themselves before â??judgesâ?? who lack mercy, both in a civilian environment and in an ecclesiastical one. Where there is no mercy there is no justice.  When Godâ??s people come close asking for forgiveness, it often finds itself condemned by one of these judges.â? "I would just like to say one of the most beautiful passages contained in the Gospel. It never fails to move me: â??Has no one condemned you?â?? â??No one, sir.â?? â??Neither do I condemn youâ??: one of the most beautiful passages because it is full of mercy.â? JRB/ATO CTV V -BN Up: ATO