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Pope reflects on Holy Week during his general audience

(-VIDEO ONLY-) In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. He delved into the significance of Holy Week's Sacred Triduum, which begins with commemorating the Last Supper and the washing of the apostles' feet. He then highlighted that the Triduum ends with Jesus' Resurrection, which illuminates the present and future.  SUMMARY OF CATECHESIS IN ENGLISH:  Dear Brothers and Sisters:   Tomorrow we will begin our celebration of the Sacred Triduum, as we commemorate Jesusâ?? passion, death and resurrection.  We begin the Triduum by celebrating the Mass of the Lordâ??s Supper, as we recall Christâ??s offering of his body and blood to the Father, which he gave to the Apostles as food for their nourishment, with the command that they perpetually celebrate these mysteries in his memory. We recall also the Lord washing the Apostlesâ?? feet, through which he showed that the purpose of his life and passion is to serve God and neighbour, a service which we are called to imitate by loving one another as he loved us.  On Good Friday, we will meditate on the mystery of Christâ??s death and we will adore the Cross.  By his sacrifice, sin has been overcome through love, an immense love which we are called to live and transmit.   On Holy Saturday, we will contemplate Jesusâ?? lying in the tomb, and with Mary, the Church will keep alive the flame of faith, hoping against every hope in Christâ??s resurrection.   Then, at the Easter Vigil, when the Alleluia resounds again, we will celebrate the Risen Christ, the center and fulfillment of the universe and history.  In these days, may we not only observe the Lordâ??s Passion, but truly enter into its mystery, making our own the sentiments of Christ.  In this way, our Easter will indeed be blessed. Speaker: I offer an affectionate greeting to all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present at todayâ??s Audience, including those from England, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States.  May the Risen Lord confirm you in faith and make you witnesses of his love and resurrection.  May God bless you! JMB/KLH J -PR Up:ATO #Papa