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Italian artist takes Easter Greeting to a whole new level

An Italian artist is taking Easter to a whole new level... His canvas is open land, and his brushes are tractors.  For Holy Week, Dario Gambarin depicted a sacrificial lamb with the words 'Happy Easter' on a field near the Italian city of Verona.  Covering a span of 27,000 square meters was no easy feat, but it's actually the artist's area of expertise. Back in 2013, he also designed an image of Pope Francis shortly after his election, with the phrase 'Love Liberates.' His list of designs also includes Nelson Mandela and even Barack Obama.  It's a unique skill that few can master. In fact, the only way he can check his work is through areal photographs.  DARIO GAMBARIN Italian Artist "To begin I make a sketch. I try to find the essential  lines of the face.  It's as if I'm cutting a piece of cloth to place on paper. Then I check out the feel on a tractor and try to find mental points of reference.â?  He learned how to drive a tractor as a child. Now he likes to combine his background with this unique artistic skills.  It's not your average work of art, and it's sure to catch people's attention.  KLH  RR SV PR Up:GRT