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Rome Reports

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ISIS takes over Palestinian refugee camp in Syria

They were forced out of their homes once... now their livelihood is being threatened again in this Syrian refugee camp.  This is the reality roughly18,000 Palestinians are facing in Damascus. ISIS has taken over about 90 percent of the camp and now, the refugees are trapped inside.  PIERRE KRAHENBUHL UNRWA Commissioner General  "It is a luxury that the world cannot allow itself. We saw the suffering in Gaza. We know the suffering throughout the whole region and we know of the suffering here in Syria.â? Fighting between ISIS and the Syrian government caused the take over. Now the passageway to leave food, water and medicine in the Yarmouk refugee camp is basically non existant.  The UN's Security Council is trying to change that, or at the very least, seal agreement that would allow refugees to leave the camp.  PIERRE KRAHENBUHL UNRWA Commissioner General  "But then also to think about possible measures that would facilitate an orderly and safe evacuation of those who wish to leave the camp.â?  The UN's Permanent Representative of Palestine, says helping these refugees is not only about humanitarian help, but also about security.  RIYAD MANSOUR Permanent Representative of Palestine "That would be one of the most effective measures to combat extremism in our region because extremists receive their fuel from lack of justice of the Palestinian people.â? Despite threats of violence, about 2,000 refugees have managed to escape from the camp. Still, about 18,000 more are still inside.  KLH  Uni Feed SV PR Up: MPI