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Rome Reports

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Find out how many holy marriages there are in the Church

Some married couples achieve holiness together, like the blesseds Luigi and Maria Corsini Beltrame Quattrocchi, or the parents of St. Therese, Louis Martin and Mary Zelie Guerin. In these relationships, two people shared their lives and strived to follow God's example. We went to St. Peter's Square to ask couples if it's possible to achieve holiness in marriage. "I believe yes, because we have to bring God and all the Church values to build our marriage.â? "I believe so. We have to bring God to our home so our marriage can be happy.â? "I think they can if they're very good to each other and good to each other's families and if they live good, Christian lives. I think it's very possible to become a saint in marriage, yes.â? "I think if you're trying to live a good life and try and follow what God would like you to do, I think it's possible.â? Pierce and Sinead are from Ireland, and they became engaged two years ago in St. Peter's Square. The couple decided to get married in Rome. These are the virtues that they believe can be learned within a marriage. "I think maybe kindness, generosity, being good to each other are the most important virtues for a happy marriage.â? "Yes, I think looking after one another and each other's family and my new family now is good for marriage.â? Paula and Luca are from Brazil. They came to Rome to receive the Pope's blessing in their marriage. They also believe that many virtues are cultivated during marriage. "Love, respect and friendship.â? It's no secret that marriage isn't simple. After the celebrations end, difficult times come for all couples. Pope Francis has offered advice on this topic many times. POPE FRANCIS  October 4, 2013 "And I always give this advice to newlyweds: 'Argue as much as you like. If the plates fly, let them! But never end the day without making peace! Never!'â? POPE FRANCIS  April 2, 2014 "And to make peace it isnâ??t necessary to call the United Nations to come to the house and make peace. A little gesture is sufficient, a caress, and then let it be! Until tomorrow! And tomorrow you start fresh.â? Both couples agree that the sanctity of marriage depends on whether both people act as if they are one unit, and if there is mutual respect. It is a difficult path, but it's certainly been accomplished many times before. The Secret of Therese from ROME REPORTS on Vimeo. MPI/ATO AA SV -PR Up:GRT