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Pope in Santa Marta: Do not become lukewarm Christians

In his homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis warned against being lukewarm Christians. He said it occurs in those who seek tranquility, rather than love. Love is sacrifice, the pope said, and this is the true wealth of the Christian. POPE FRANCIS "Not that richness of the soul which you think you possess because you are good, because you do everything well, all is calm. There is another calmness â?? that which comes from God, which comes from carrying the cross, that comes from carrying some restlessness within the soul.â? The pope said lukewarm Christians are like a king who is living a lie. One who thinks he is wearing rich clothes but in fact, he is naked. EXTRACTS OF THE HOMILY IN ENGLISH (Source: Vatican Radio) "But what does a lukewarm person think? The Lord says it here: He thinks he is rich. â??I have grown rich and have need of nothing. I am calm.â?? This calm deceives. If, in the heart of the Church, of a family, of a community, of a person there is an ever-present calm, God is not there.â? "Not that richness of the soul which you think you possess because you are good, because you do everything well, all is calm. There is another richness â?? that which comes from God, which always carries its cross, always carries some restlessness of the soul. I urge you to buy white clothes in which to dress, so that your shameful nakedness is not seen. The lukewarm are not aware they are naked.â? "The lukewarm lose the capacity to contemplate, the capacity to see the great and beautiful things of God. For this the Lord seeks to awaken us, to help us convert. But, the Lord is present in another way: He is there to invite us: â??Behold, I knock at the door.â?? It is important to hear when the Lord knocks at our doorâ?¦ because He wants to gives us something good.â? "The initiative is from the Spirit towards the Lord. He raises His eyes and says: â??But come; invite me into your house.' The Lord is there, He is always there with love: whether to correct us, to invite us to supper, or to be invited by us. He is there to tell us: â??Awakeâ??â?¦ â??Openâ??â?¦ â??Come down.â?? It is always He. Do I know how to distinguish in my heart when the Lord tells me to awake, to open, or to come down? May the Holy Spirit give us the grace to know how to discern these calls.â?