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Pope Francis starts a new series of catecheses on the theme of Christian hope

(VIDEO ONLY) The pope started a new series of catecheses today in his General Audience. In the coming audiences, the pope will speak about Christian hope. The pope said that, even if it seems that "evil often seems to have the upper hand,â? Christian hope "assures us of Christ's lordship,â? and his "victory over sin.â? The pope encouraged the audience to "imitateâ? Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, and Elizabeth, "who never lost their trust in God's promises.â? SUMMARY OF THE POPE'S CATECHESIS Dear Brothers and Sisters:  Today we begin a new series of catecheses dealing with Christian hope. In these times, when evil often seems to have the upper hand, hope comforts us with the assurance of Christâ??s lordship, his victory over sin, and his constant presence in our midst.  In this Advent season, we hear once more the great message of consolation spoken by the prophet Isaiah: "Comfort, comfort my peopleâ?. The prophet tells us that God promises to bring his people home from their exile in a foreign land and that he desires that a way be prepared for him through the desert.  This summons to renewed faith and trust in Godâ??s saving power is also addressed to us. Saint John the Baptist, preaching in the desert of Judea, echoed these words as he prepared the way for the coming of Jesus.  The Scriptures show us how Christâ??s birth was prepared for by men and women â?? like Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth â?? who never lost their trust in Godâ??s promises.  May we imitate their hope, and await the coming of the Saviour, who turns the desert of our lives into a garden of delight. Up:JRB