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Mahmoud Abbas meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican

Pope Francis has once again offered a solution to two states, Israel and Palestine. On Saturday he met with President Mahmoud Abbas, this time for 23 minutes. "What a pleasure to receive you." It was a warm and affectionate encounter. They exchanged many gifts, like this picture that shows a reconstructed mosaic in the Church of the Nativity or a book that reviews diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Palestine, which were sealed in the Global Agreement of 2015. Pope Francis gave him a Mercy medallion and his principal papal writings. "And this one on the care of nature." The Palestinian president inaugurated the Palestine embassy in front of the Holy See and urged the rest of the international community to follow the example of the Vatican. During his trip to the Holy Land in 2014, Pope Francis openly defended the two States' solution to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Their efforts to achieve peace led to an unprecedented gesture such as bringing the highest representatives of both states to the Vatican to pray for peace. JRB/MB CTV - -BN Up: #Pope Francisco