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The pope's proposals to the Chilean bishops: youth, indigenous people, and defending life

Fernando Chomali is the Archbishop of Concepción, Chile's second most important diocese. Along with the other bishops of his country, he has had two long meetings behind closed doors with the pope, in which Pope Francis confided some of his priorities. ; MSGR. FERNANDO CHOMALI Archbishop of Concepción (Chile) "He insisted that we are in an orphaned society, and that we have to be parents. Paternity is a tremendously important value today for the the priests, the religious, and the entire believing world. He told us that we have to invite young people to concrete projects with concrete people. He told us, "Take them, all the believers and unbelievers" to meet reality, and in "doing" so, they will ask the most fundamental questions of their life." The pope also asked them to continue working with charity and firmness to defend life, before the abortion bill that is being proposed in Chile. He also told them that they should help young people get to know older people, and that he wants them to value and promote indigenous peoples. JMB/JC ; MG FL - PR Up:AC