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Pope Francis: The world needs people capable of sowing hope

Many take their babies to the General Audience for the pope to bless them. However, the excitement of their parents, and joyful cries of the pilgrims, frightened the children this week.  In today's catechesis, the pope continued to explain what hope is all about. He said that it is not only optimism, but that it also includes two attitudes: perseverance and consolation. POPE FRANCIS "Perseverance could also be defined as patience. It is the ability to bear, to carry its weight on our shoulders, to remain faithful, even when the weight seems to become too big, unsustainable, and we are tempted to negatively judge and abandon everyone and everything.â? Pope Francis explained that "consolation" means showing that God never abandons us, and to allow oneself to be helped by Him in times of suffering or disappointment.  POPE FRANCIS  "This is what the Lord now asks of us, that with that strength and capacity to comfort, let us be sowers of hope. Today it is very important to sow this hope, and it's not easy.â?  At the end, the pope greeted representatives of several bishops' conferences, all of whom are in charge of caring for refugees and emigrants. POPE FRANCIS "I encourage you to continue the effort to welcome and give hospitality to displaced persons and refugees, facilitating their integration, and taking into account mutual rights and obligations for those who welcome and are welcomed. Let us not forget that this problem of refugees and emigrants today is the worst tragedy since World War II." Before leaving, the pope recalled that in many cathedrals and churches around the world,  "24 hours for the Lord" is celebrated on Thursday and Friday, where thousands of priests will be available to hear confessions.  JMB/JC CTV F - BN Up: JC