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Expert on climate change: The pope teaches us that everything is connected

The average temperature of the Earth has risen by 1.5°F in the past hundred years, and is estimated to rise another 0.5 to 8.6°F before 2117. Since these and many other changes are affecting the world as a whole, it is only natural that Pope Francis voices his concerns and advocates on behalf of the Church.  PROF. RODRIGO GUERRA LOPEZ Director, Center for Advanced Social Research "The pope educates us in the idea that everything is connected. Everything has synergy and relationship with everything else. That is why water is as important as the situation of the poor. It is equally important to focus on the waste program as climate change." Professor Rodrigo is the director of the Center for Advanced Social Research in Mexico, which studies various social issues, such as climate change. He said that while climate change is not only attributed to humans, many times it's people who introduce ideas or products which later cause harm to humanity. Each person needs to be aware of the damage they cause and take responsibility for their actions.  PROF. RODRIGO GUERRA LOPEZ Director, Center for Advanced Social Research "The encyclical Laudato si' talks about climate change. The pope, without being a scientific authority, listens to the best scientific research on climate change. This allows us to understand that climate change is a complex phenomenon. If it increases naturally and if it increases by light, those responsible for a part of the natural resources are humans.â? He said that Pope Francis, just like many popes before him, listens to science. Thus, what the pope states in Laudato si' is not true because the Catholic Church itself confirms it, but because of evidence found through science. PROF. RODRIGO GUERRA LOPEZ Director, Center for Advanced Social Research "I think that this attitude is very honorable on the part of the Church, because just like faith and reason, the Church and science can join together at the service of people.â? Just as in nature, where everything is connected, many experts at the Vatican, like Prof. Rodrigo believe that this connectivity extends to the Church and science as one can help the other instead of hindering, leading to a better world at large.  MB MG SV -PR Up:AC