Pope Francis reveals story of his life in new book

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In a new book, Pope Francis reveals the story of his life from the lens of major historical events, with the goal of helping the world to avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

The book, titled “Life, My Story Through History” will be published in the spring of 2024 by the American publishing company HarperCollins. It traces back to the Pope's experiences amid global events—from world war to his life in the political climate of Argentina to the fall of the Berlin wall. In it, the Pope recounts the lessons humanity has to learn from these moments.

It is the first time that this major U.S.-based company is publishing a book by Pope Francis.

In the press release, Pope Francis said quote, “It is a book that sees the light so that, especially the younger generation, can listen to the voice of an elderly man and reflect on what our world has experienced, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.”


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