Pope Francis publishes critical document on man's responsibility to care for the climate

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The feast day of St. Francis of Assisi was chosen for the release of the second part of Laudato si', the papal document on the integral care of the planet.

The text, called Laudate Deum, criticizes the lack of commitment the Pope has seen over the years to combat climate change and promote the development of those in need. It describes the international community's reponse to this crisis as weak and warns against the power of artificial intelligence. The Pope says:
Never has humanity had such power over itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely.

But Pope Francis does not only address the international community. He also regrets that some parts of the Catholic Church have questioned climate change. In fact, the beginning of the document recounts data from different environmental studies trying to prove the ongoing challenge humanity is facing.

I feel obliged to make these clarifications, which may appear obvious, because of certain dismissive and scarcely reasonable opinions that I encounter, even within the Catholic Church.

Laudate Deum also highlights different climate meetings and the impact they have had. The Pope expresses his hope that the upcoming summit in Dubai will help boost the commitment of the international community. And Pope Francis urges Catholics to reflect on their lifestyle and to focus on making changes in their families to help combat climate change. He says that even these efforts can help create a new culture and protect the environment.


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