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Rome Reports

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Children from earthquake areas travel by train to the Vatican to meet the pope

The Kids Train has returned to the Vatican. This time its passengers were 400 children from areas affected by earthquakes in central Italy. For many of the youngsters, it was the first time they had visited the Vatican. There they were also able to meet with the pope. The pope sat down with them to personally listen to each of their stories. "I would like one of you to tell me how the days were after the earthquake. You, come, come; tell me." "They were difficult days." "Sure... Tell me. Why were they difficult? Tell me tell me..." "We had many difficulties because the houses and buildings collapsed. Also all of our schools." Although at first it was difficult for them to speak, little by little the small ones opened up. In the end, the pope gave them this advice. "What you have experienced is very terrible, it is a calamity. Is it true? It is a calamity. Tragedies hurt the soul. But, the Lord helps us recover. Do you have faith in the Lord or not?" "Yes!" Pope Francis told them that God likes hearing the expression, "Thank you very much." The pope then proposed that they also thank God for the help and generosity they received after the tragedy. Then he departed from them, because it was lunchtime and the little ones were getting hungry. "They are hungry." JMB/MB CTV FL - BN Up:AC