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Rome Reports

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From Santo Domingo to Rome, all to see the pope

If you see this flag waving through St. Peter's Square, it may be attached to this woman from the Dominican Republic. For years, she has brought groups like this to the Vatican to see the pope. FR. JUAN "We have come as a group to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Mary. From Medjugorje, to here in Rome, to San Giovanni Rotondo, where Padre Pio is from, and now we prepare for our pilgrimage to the Holy Land." Fr. Juan was very happy to accompany them on this occasion. For many of them it will be the greatest journey of their lives. In St. Peter's Square they have already experienced many intense moments, such as seeing the pope in the popemobile. FR. JUAN "We all have been crying. It was not a theatrical performance. Our heart has beat with joy in each one of us because we felt touched. We were touched by the humility of this man and we have also felt touched by those words that the Father loves us despite our sins.â? Their next stop is to the Holy Land for four days. Afterwards, they will return home with precious memories, and also with good intentions on how to live out their faith in the future.  JS/MB AA s - BN Up:jc