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Victor Kuppers, the coach who was "helped" by Teresa of Calcutta

His two self-help booksserve as a guide to many people, and the conference rooms are always full. Victor Kuppers says the biggest problem today is theconstant rush. VICTOR KUPPERS Life Coach "We're all lost. We are like headless chickens, and when you turn into this you get lost. We live in an era where everything goes fast: we walk fast, we talk fast, we eat fast, we drive fast, that's what everything is for now. When you live life fast, it is invaded by superficiality, urgency, and things that are insignificant. There is never time for what is important." An accident caused him to be bedridden for six months, and that's when he began to compile phrases and teachings of great thinkers. He wanted to be able to share it with his children, and then with the world. VICTOR KUPPERS Life Coach "Unfortunately we all need a reality check to remind ourselves what is important and essential, because in the end the rest are worthless. In reality, there are only four important things in life that we should take care of, but often we do not have time because we are going fast, and we find ourselves lost.� Sometimes it is important to think if what we are doing is actually what we truly want. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: "We spend a lot of time earning a living, but not enough living it." AQ/JC RR -AE -PR Up: DN/FV