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The history of the convent that manufactures wafers for all of Cuba's parishes

It is an island within another island, where life runs smoothly between prayer and work. "One Million Wafersâ? is the title of a documentary that goes into the convent of St. José and Santa Teresa, where these religious women make all of Cuba's communion hosts.  DAVID MONCAS Director, "One Million Wafersâ? "In 2010 while strolling through Havana, we came across an immense building that occupied an entire block of houses. We asked what it was and they said it was a cloistered convent. At that moment we were struck, because we thought: "A cloistered convent in Castro's Cuba? This is very interesting.â?  That's why they decided to tell this story. They managed to enter during the day with their camera to portray the life of the 13 Carmelites that make millions of hosts, which are distributed to all of the country's parishes. They even had the opportunity to visit some, opening their eyes to the lives of Cuba's Catholics, who maintained their faith despite the difficulties of the Castro regime.  It was not easy to film on the Island, coming also with a bit of resistance from the religious themselves.  DAVID MONCAS Director, "One Million Wafersâ?  "We were told no, it was not the time, we had to wait for a sign. That signal took four years.â? When they finally could film, so as not to raise suspicions from authorities, they shot it as if it were a family vacation.  However, by then the relationship between Cuba and the United States had already began to occur, bringing with it an air of change and a sense of hope.   AC/JC European Films Factory -S -PR UP: JS