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Pope Francis: The Church needs more female theologians

The International Theological Commission introduced its five year study plan to Pope Francis.  It's a period where respected theologians investigate key issues even further and then advise the Pope on these matters. The president of the Commission is German Cardinal Gerhard Mí¼ller.  "In this plenary session, members have chosen the topics they will study in this quinquennium.â?  Currently the Commission has 30 members, of which only five are women. The Pope emphasized that more female theologians are needed.  POPE FRANCIS "In the ever more diverse make up of the Commission, I want to see a higher presence of women...We're still not there yet. They're the strawberries on the cake, but we need more of them.â?  The Pope then highlighted what women can contribute something unique to the world of theology.  POPE FRANCIS "Female theologians can shed light, for the good of everyone, on certain unexplored and profound aspects of the mystery of Christ. I invite all of you to take advantage of these specific contributions women can make in matters of faith.â?  For the next five years, this Commission will study religious liberty, the relationship between faith and the Sacraments.  PM/KLH  CTV JM -BN Up:PM #Papa