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Pope to Diplomatic Corps: Religious fundamentalism turns God into an ideological pretext

Pope Francis held the traditional meeting with ambassadors to the Vatican. The Pope's address had one main theme. POPE FRANCIS "Today I wish to repeat a word quite dear to us: peace!� The recent murder of 100 children in Pakistan, as well as the terrorist attacks that have hit Nigeria and Paris where some of the highlights of his address. As he talked about Syria and Iraq, he referred to the origin of religious fundamentalism. POPE FRANCIS "This phenomenon is a consequence of the throw away culture being applied to God. Religious fundamentalism, even before it eliminates human beings by perpetrating horrendous killings, eliminates God himself, turning him into a mere ideological pretext.� The Pope also denounced the violence against women and the elderly, as well as any form of human trafficking. He asked the international community to increase its commitment against the Ebola epidemic. As he encouraged all countries to take care of refugees and victims of war, he hoped that an unanimous response within the framework of international law may put an end to violence in the Middle East. The Pope also denounced the side effects of globalization and of what he calls the throw away culture. POPE FRANCIS "In a drab, anonymous world, it is easy to understand the difficulties and the discouragement felt by many people who have literally lost the sense of being alive. This tragic situation is aggravated by the continuing economic crisis, which fosters pessimism and social conflict�. The Pope concluded his address stressing that the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba is a triumph of peace and diplomacy. READ THE POPE'S ADDRESS AC/PM CTV SV -BN Up:AC