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Not more Doves? Balloons released as a symbol for peace during Pope's Angelus

Thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square on Sunday to pray the Angelus with the Pope.  The central message was peace, with Pope Francis calling for violence to stop in Ukraine.  POPE FRANCIS "I assure you, I will be praying for those who suffer. I also renew a heartfelt appeal so that efforts to engage in dialogue are embraced, so that all hostility ends.â?  Pope Francis was not alone in his appeal for peace. Two children joined in the call.  POPE FRANCIS "Now, we continue with company.â? The kids were part of an Italian Caravan for Peace, that finished its mission in St. Peter's.  "We truly believe that peace is possible only if we see ourselves as brothers and sisters.â? Balloons were set lose from St. Peter's Square. Up until now, white doves were released from the Papal window as a symbol for peace, but that didn't always have the best results. Last year, the dove was attacked by a seagull and crow.  But balloons or doves, the Pope said the message is the same.  POPE FRANCIS "These balloons are meant to be a symbol of peace. Thanks kids.â? Just days after his trip to the Philippines, thousands of Filipino pilgrims filled the Square with flags and banners...The Pope thanked them for their testimony of faith. POPE FRANCIS "Thank you for all the good you do. You help spread the faith among us.â? Pope Francis also prayed for all the people who suffered from Leprosy and for those who care for them, since Sunday marked  the International Day of that disease. PM//KLH  CTV SV -BN Up: MPI