Consistory Day One: Summoning every cardinal is already a reform

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The cardinals arrived at the Vatican ready to hear the Pope's proposals for reforming the Roman Curia.  

And three hours later, they began leaving the room. Smiling cardinals had nothing but good things to say as they departed New Synod Hall.  


'It was well-received. The people who designed these reforms were very thoughtful.'  

CARD. ANGELO SCOLA Archbishop of Milan  

'It was very interesting.'  

CARD. JOHN OLORUNFEMI ONAIYEKAN Archbishop of Abuya (Nigeria)  

'It went very well. They are all good, knowledgeable people. It was a good day. '  

CARD. THOMAS COLLINS Archbishop of Toronto (Canada)  

'It's always interesting. There is a lot wisdom among the cardinals. Some are specialists in canon law, other dioceses, and other things. It is very helpful.'   


'Before we can implement reforms, first come ideas and then structures. When considering those ideas, we have to take into account, that they would trigger added responsibilities to Church pastors. Spiritual responsibilities that is.'    

Some made their debut as cardinals at the event. On Saturday, the Pope will give them their red birretas, but they have now already participated in a meeting as cardinals.   

MSGR. DANIEL STURLA Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay)  

'It was my first time at a consistory, so it's been very positive, very good. I learned a lot.'   

MSGR. RICARDO BLÁZQUEZ Archbishop of Valladolid (Spain)  

'It's a very mature, very responsible group.'   

All said that the discussions were enriching. However, they added that there is still a long way to go.   

CARD. RAYMOND BURKE Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta  

'Yes, many positive contributions, but we´re still in the begining so'   

MSGR. MANUEL CLEMENTE Patriarch of Lisboa (Portugal)  

'We have just begun. We'll see'   

For others, simply being together and discussing Curia reform is a step toward their goal of overall reform.   

CARD. GIUSEPPE VERSALDI Chairman, Economic Affairs Prefecture  

'We are getting deeper. It is a good opportunity to share. We are experiencing brotherhood among all the cardinals and that is already in itself a reform.'  

Cardinals agreed that the day was very productive. They will meet again tomorrow to further discuss simplifying the Roman Curia.

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