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Documentary shows the exodus of Christians from Syria

In the past, Syria had one of the most storied Christian communities in the world. St. Paul was even baptized there. Today, Christians suffer from the Syrian civil war like everyone else, but they are also persecuted simply for their baptism. Syria once had the third highest rate of Christianity in the Middle East; about 10 percent of its population identified as Christian. Now, the community lives in permanent exile. The documentary "Syria's Christians Exodusâ? tells the story of how this happened. ELISABETTA VALGIUSTI Director, "Syria's Christians Exodus" "They have suffered severe persecution just so they can maintain their identity and their faith. They continue to suffer so that they can remain in a country they have belonged to for hundreds of years. We are witnessing something truly terrible.â? The documentary features interviews with patriarchs and bishops of the Christian Churches in Syria. It also includes testimony from  everyday Christians who have been forced to leaveâ??along with those who have stayed. ELISABETTA VALGIUSTI Director, "Syria's Christians exodus" "They are Christians with a wonderful tradition and enormous faith. For me, it was an amazing experience to know them.â? The humanitarian crisis in Syria is considered one of the worst in decades. Millions of people have fled their homes and more than 210,000 have died. This documentary helps keep the catastrophe from being forgotten. AC/ATO AA / Salvaimonasteri JM -PR Up: MPI