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Pope Francis wishes Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI farewell before his vacation

"How are you? Have a good vacation.â? "Thank you. You too.â? At 10:00 a.m., Pope Francis stopped by the former convent in Vatican City where Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI lives.  The elderly former Pope was in good spirits as he met with Pope Francis at the door of his home. But he was unable to walk down the stairs. During the few moments that cameras were there to see the two men speak, the Pope Emeritus asked the new Pope what he would do during his vacation. "From '76 onward, I have stayed at home but I change my activities.â? The visit lasted about 30 minutes, and the two also had a private conversation. The Pope Emeritus plans to spend about two weeks resting at Castel Gandolfo, until July 14th. Pope Francis suggested the trip, because he knew that it's one of the former Pope's favorite places. He will be joined by his brother during the vacation. JRB/ATO CTV -SV -BN Up: RMR