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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis meets a group of intellectually disabled people who contacted him by video

"Oh, and what has happened lately in the news?â? "Well look at the world...things are going badly.â? The people in this video live in a center for people with intellectual disabilities. There are currently 140 residents. The video they made for their facility's 50th anniversary isn't a typical production. That's because it had a special recipient: Pope Francis.  "We are going to send a message to the Pope. Imagine that.â? "From here to there?â? "Yes, but are we really going to send it.â? "Well, yes. I would like to visit the Vatican and see the Pope. I would like it.â? PURA ALARCí?N Casa Grande de Martiherrero (ívila, Spain) "We made a video where they describe their hopes and their problems. The Pope saw it and invited us to the Vatican.â? And so they came. The group attended Pope Francis' general audience, and he took time to greet them one by one. "They are happy. They have touched Heaven with their hands.â? JUAN CARLOS GONZíLEZ "I told him that given these circumstances and our situation, I asked God to intercede for us, so we could go down this path with joy.â? FR. JOSÉ LUIS RETANA Director, Casa Grande de Martiherrero (ívila, Spain) "I believe that they now have seen that they are loved by God. FLASH Because they had heard in theory that God loves them. But now Pope Francis has blessed them and has hugged them one by one.â? The delegation that flew to Rome was composed of eight boys from the residence, some educators, and the Bishop of  ívila. They had some interesting conversations.  "Tell him about football. What do you say?â? "I like Barcelona and I like Messi.â? "Good. We exported him to Barcelona from Argentina.â? EDUARDO JIMÉNEZ "I was very emotional. Because it was the first time that I had seen him. I had seen him on TV more than once. But it's not the same as seeing him in person.â? Everyone who took part in the trip returned to Spain smiling ear to ear. After all, they had the chance to do something that few people in this world are able to. "My name is Pedro and I live in the Casa Grande de Martiherrero and I am friends with the Pope.â? JRB/ATO AA/ Casa Grande de Martiherrero V -PR Up:ATO #Mundo