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Married couple at the Synod: Failure of social support puts families at risk

The working document that forms the basis for debates at the Synod says that one of the principal challenges for families is economic issues.  EUGENIO GAY MONTALVO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Spain) "I would say there is a fundamental priority and that is to serve the families that are at risk, at economic risk, at social risk, at risk of being abandoned. They don't have sufficient means and cannot develop as families because they have urgent and immediate priorities that the State does not pay for.â? The Synod is examining these circumstances and judging how they affect couples and their children. They are doing this alongside experts and married couples like these two, who are dedicated to providing social assistance. The Gay Montalvos have been married for 44 years. They have four children and nine grandchildren. Since they met, they've been inseparable. They believe their experience has given them the recipe to stay together on the path of life. MONSERRAT ROSELL Auditor, Synod on the Family (Spain) "Patience, lots of love, giving, and knowing to accept the other person for who they are.â? EUGENIO GAY MONTALVO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Spain) "We are very different, my wife and I, in character and in everything. Well, we have endured the rain and fog and very difficult moments, but we always looked forward. We promised each other that on our wedding day.â? They know that marriage can last a lifetime, and they hope the Synod will help encourage others who have the same longing they did to take the leap. EUGENIO GAY MONTALVO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Spain) "Hope, above all, hope. And a word of encouragement, welcome, and mercy.â? During the next two weeks, the Synod will focus on exploring new ways for the Church to help families in difficult situations. AC/ATO MG V -PR UP:ATO