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Rome Reports

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What does the Pope advise those who have suffered and hold grudges?

ONLY VIDEO - "What word can you offer to young people who donâ??t experience love in their families. How is it possible to come out of this experience?   Everywhere, there are abandoned children, either at birth or as life progressed they were abandoned and they donâ??t feel love from their families. This is why family is so important. Defend the family. Defend the family always. everywhere thereâ??s not only kids who are abandoned but also elderly are abandoned with no one to visit to them with no-one to love them. How do you come out of this very negative experience? There is one remedy, one remedy alone, to come out of these experiences. To do that which you did not receive. If you didnâ??t receive understanding, then be understanding with others. If you felt pain of loneliness come close to those who are alone, flesh is cured by flesh and God became flesh in order to cure us, letâ??s do the same ourselves.â?