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Pope Francis on Paris climate conference: It's now or never

They asked him if he believes the Paris climate conference will produce a strong agreement for the future. POPE FRANCIS "I am not certain but what I can say is that it is either now or never. I think the first conference took place in Tokyo�little was achieved. Every year the problems get worse.� He also took questions about fundamentalism, war, and terrorism. The Pope suggested that religious leaders have an important role in helping foster international reconciliation. POPE FRANCIS "Fundamentalism is a disease that exists in all religions. In the Catholic Church we have some, many.� Once again, the Pope spoke about war. He denounced the arms trade, especially those who sell to terrorists. He added that he is concerned about the growing number of conflicts that are becoming part of a "piecemeal� Third World War, a theme he has touched on many times. Francis, the people´s Pope from ROME REPORTS on Vimeo. JRB/ATO CTV -SV -BN Up:FV #Papafrancisco