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Rome Reports

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Italian Muslim community invites Pope Francis to visit the Mosque of Rome

While meeting with Pope Francis, leaders from Italy's Muslim community invited the Pope to visit the Mosque of Rome. "Your Holiness, it is our honor to meet you and recognize your moral and spiritual leadership. We are honored to invite you to the Islamic Cultural Center.� The Mosque of Rome is one of the biggest mosques in the world. It's also the seat of the Italian Islamic Cultural Center. Pope Francis gave a positive response to the invitation. "It would be a great pleasure to visit you also, because it would be a great sign of our brotherhood.� The group gave the Pope a cloth with the 99 words for God in Arabic. The first, they explained, meant "mercy.� In turn, he gave them small medallions. One of the Islamic representatives asked Pope Francis to pray for him as they gave their farewells. This won't be Pope Francis' first time inside a mosque. In one of the most dramatic moments of his trip to Africa, he visited Bangui's Central Mosque. He has also visited the Blue Mosque in Turkey. ATO CTV V -BN Up:ATO