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Rome Reports

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Future journalists get an up-close look at Pope Francis and the Vatican

Study these students closely. One of them could end up becoming a Vaticanista, explaining Pope Francis and the Vatican to the world. But for now, they've only visited just once. The students from Spain are in a radio journalism Masters program, and they just spent a week in Rome learning about the Vatican. JUAN ANDRÉS RUBERT Student "Rome is an impressive city. It has the Vatican, and it's always in the news. Whenever the Pope says something, it spreads throughout the world. It would be a sensational experience to be a correspondent here in Rome. It has the city, politics, and also the Vatican. At the end of the day, it's like another country.â? In addition to visiting media and institutions like the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Program, these students also attended the Pope's general audience in person.  Of course, they had a report on the event. JUAN ANDRÉS RUBERT Student "Just now we finished the Pope's audience with the faithful in St. Peter's Square, here at the Vatican in Rome. And the main message Pope Francis shared with us is that we should set aside selfishness, and above all, focus on others and not leave our neighbors off to the side.â? It'll be part of the dispatch they complete upon returning to Madrid, after getting a taste of what life is like for a journalist here in Rome. "Greetings to Rome Reports.â? IPC/ATO CTV SV -BN -IPC