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Rome Reports

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The Pope to consacreted: Be as your founders who were not afraid to get their hands dirty

The Mass began with a darkened basilica, presided by the Pope on the feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. These candles are symbolic in representing Jesus' light to the world. The World Day of Consecrated Life is celebrated every February 2nd. and this year also marks the end of the year of Consecrated Life. Pope Francis explained that a relationship with Christ changes a persons life. POPE FRANCIS "Those who really meet Jesus cannot stay the same as before. He is the novelty that makes all things new. He who lives this meeting becomes a witness and makes the meeting possible for others.â? He said that consecrated and religious people have a mission to tell the world about Jesus, who wanted to become man to share the human condition. POPE FRANCIS "Consecrated persons are called to be a concrete and prophetic sign of Godâ??s closeness, of this sharing in a condition of fragility, of sin and of the wounds of man in our time.â? He asked them not to forget what each of the founders did before them and invited them to follow suit. POPE FRANCIS "Our founders were moved by the Spirit and they were not afraid to get their hands dirty with everyday life, with peopleâ??s problems, they were not afraid to courageously walk the geographic and existential peripheries.â? Finally, Pope Francis invited them to give thanks for the vocation they had received. AC/YA CTV JM -BN Up:AC