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New movie about Jérôme Lejeune, pro-life scientist and friend of John Paul II

He is one of the leading scientists of the twentieth century, he's considered to be the father of modern genetics, and he's true to his faith.  He discovered the chromosomal mutation that causes Down Syndrome. Jérí´me Lejeune was one of the first people in the world who promoted treatments and care for these children and defended their right to live- something that possibly cost him international recognition and even the Nobel Prize. ELENA POSTIGO Jérí´me Lejeune Foundation "There were even demonstrations against him, there was a lot of belligerence against him for being a defender of human life.â? All this experience is told in a new film,"Jérí´me Lejeune, to the least of these my brothers and sisters.â? "If you say to a geneticist: 'Examine the chromosomes of these children, and if they are abnormal, do away with them,' you ask us to carry out the role of Pontius Pilate." It was one of Lejeune's greatest sufferings to know that his discovery would be the cause of so many abortions. ELENA POSTIGO Jérí´me Lejeune Foundation "This probably strengthened his fight for these people's defense: that his discovery was used for the exact opposite purpose that he had intended.â? The film also also contains shocking testimonies. "When we found out that there was a hospital for these children that had a specialist for them. I cried...Our happiness...that... finally...our son is recognized finally.â? Jérí´me Lejeune was the first president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, which started in 1994 as an initative by John Paul II's. The Pope was also a close friend of Lejeune who gave him comfort and support in the most difficult moments of his career. AC/MP Jérí´me Lejeune Foundation -JM -PR up:FV