“John Paul II: Still Alive,” wins Mirabile Dictu award for best director

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The documentary “John Paul II: Still Alive,” has won the international Mirabile Dictu award for best director. It is a Rome Reports production that gathers together modern day miracles through the intercession of the Polish pontiff. 

Director of the documentary
'I am especially happy for the possibility of making known the enormous devotion to John Paul II today. His legacy still influences, for the good, many people.'

The Mirabile Dictu is a prestigious international Catholic film festival. It is presided over by Liana Marabini, producer and film director, and is supported by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture.

The major Polish production, “The Day of Wrath,” has received the award for best film in the competition. It is a thriller that tells the story of a Jew who tries to hide from the Nazi persecution in a Catholic convent. 

In the category of documentaries, the first prize went to 'I Have a Name', an emotional report on the care of the homeless in Chicago.

The best short film in the competition was 'Medjugorje, Land of Faith,' a current vision of the place of the apparitions of Our Lady in Bosnia. 

The winners of the eleventh edition of the Mirabile Dictu 2020 will receive the prestigious Silver Fish in January, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. 

The documentary “John Paul II: Still Alive,” is now available on Rome Reports Premium platform. 

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