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Rome Reports

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Pope blesses a girl who will lose her eyesight and hearing due to a degenerative disease

The moment has come: 5-year-old, Lizzy Myers,  has fulfilled her dream of meeting Pope Francis.  "Lizzy. What are you doing here?" Within a few years, this young girl will completely lose her sight and hearing because of a rare genetic disease. "I'll pray for you.â? This is why the Pope has tenderly blessed her eyes and ears. "Pray for me.â? Lizzy brought a gift with her. This small box with a piece of meteorite. After Pope Francis greeted the little girl's parents, who were also asked to pray for him, he asked Lizzy's sister a question. "What is your name? What's your name? God bless you.â? Her parents, Steve and Christine, will always remember this unforgettable moment. As they relive this magical moment, they express how the family feels about this encounter.  STEVE MYERS Lizzy's Father "As soon as Pope Francis came up to where Lizzy was a calm came over me. I don't even know how to explain it. We came here again hoping for some amazing memories for Lizzy, something that she'll remember when things change for her but what we got was... I think, you know, we've seen several miracles... you know, I believe myself and I think that you know, what Pope Francis is done for her, if there's any chance for a miracle would be there.â? CHRISTINE MYERS Lizzy's Mother  "Since the beginning of all of this, it is the first time I felt peace.â? In a few days, they will return to the United States after this incredible experience. They say they will continue to show the world to Lizzy before her eyes cease to see it and her ears stop listening altogether. AC/YA MG VM -BN Up:YA