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The only other WYD in Poland: Czestochowa 1991

The only other time a WYD was celebrated in Poland was in 1991. It was the first time this event was hosted in Eastern Europe. CARD. STANISŁAW DZIWISZ Archbishop of Krakow (Poland) "The atmosphere was unique. It was the first time youth from the East took part; from Ukraine, Russia. It was the first time youth from all over the world came to Poland.� John Paul II visited his homeland two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was the beginning of the 90s, and he met with a generation that witnessed the world open up after four decades of Soviet control. JOHN PAUL II "The Blessed Virgin Mary. She extends her vigilant look to all the people in the world who seek peace.� There was an air of cheerfulness in the atmosphere. The connection between youth and the Polish Pope was always special. CARD. STANISŁAW DZIWISZ Archbishop of Krakow (Poland) "It was young people who asked to bring back WYD to Poland. At the WYD of Madrid, people told me they wanted the one after Brazil to be in Poland, so they could visit the country of the patron of WYD and, we can even say the patron of youth too.� Twenty-five years later, it is Pope Francis who will meet youth in Poland. Youth that do not bear the weight of more than four decades of communist rule, but instead must tackle the issues of a much more globalized world, and, just like the Pope warns, a world dominated by the culture of waste. JRB/AG CTV -JM -PR Up:MB #JMJ2016