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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis stands up for the poor and the destitute in the 2016 Global Forum

The 2016 Global Forum united top-ranking executives from different companies around the world to speak about "The twenty-first century challenge: Forging a New Social Compact.â?     As the guest of honor, Pope Francis gave a speech in which he thanked the participants for their attention to important worldwide problems such as war, forced migration, and poverty. POPE FRANCIS "I would like to offer a particular word of thanks for all that you are doing to promote the centrality and dignity of the human person within our institutions and economic models, and to draw attention to the plight of the poor and refugees, who are so often forgotten by society.â? The pope asked them to search for more creative business models which will favor the marginalized. He also underlined personal responsibility in tackling global problems.     POPE FRANCIS "Our great challenge is to respond to global levels of injustice by promoting a local and even personal sense of responsibility so that no one is excluded from participating in society.â? "The renewal, purification and strengthening of solid economic models depends on our own personal conversion and generosity to those in need.â? Twenty speakers took part in this conference that was celebrated in Rome and the Vatican.   JD/AG Global Forum 2016 -V BR Up: JD