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Victims of Italian earthquakes in Italy after meeting the pope: He has given us hope

Angela is from Amatrice, the epicenter of the tragedy that took place on August 24. She explains the aftermath and the situation the city faces after the earthquake. ANGELA "Our city will need time, because it is as if it had been destroyed by a war." However, one can judging the situation for themselves by seeing the images of the town where 280 people lost their lives in seconds. Despite this, she says that day she experienced a miracle. ANGELA "I lost my home, but I feel as if I had experienced a miracle because my whole family, including my son and his two young children, were able to leave the house unharmed. We are one of the few lucky families." These are the stories of some of the survivors of the earthquakes who had a meeting with Pope Francis. For many his impromptu words were a real infusion of hope into their lives. This is what Anna, from Norcia, feels about her town where there were no fatalities but significant damages. ANNA "We have to start over as a big family, little by little. We will start again, like everyone else. We are neither the first nor the last. It is true that it is very hard, very hard, but we have to be strong and the pope has given us the hope to move forward." It has been a day of intense emotions for all these people... and not just because they are in the Vatican with the pope. FLAVIA "It has been a very exciting day as well because we have seen many of our neighbors. After the earthquake we all dispersed and the fact of not seeing one another has been very painful.� This grandmother from Norcia has also had another reason to celebrate today. Her granddaughter was able to personally speak with Pope Francis. ELETTRA "The pope allowed me to shake his hand." -"How did you feel?" "Happy and excited." All these people have come to the Vatican to return the visit that Pope Francis made to them on October 4. By surprise, on the feast day of his patron saint, the pope wanted to be in the middle of the earthquake ruins to give his comfort and closeness to those who lost so much in such a short time. AC/MB MG / CTV FL PR -Up:MB